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Government plan for Pay By Weight introduces Price Freeze and phased introduction of Pay-by-Weight

Mr. Simon Coveney T.D., Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government today (21 June, 2016) announced the successful conclusion of an agreement with the Waste Industry with regard to the introduction of Pay-by-Weight charging for waste collection.

“The Government this morning agreed a plan to resolve the on-going issues around bin charging and the introduction of pay by weight. The plan is a comprehensive one which will protect households from increased charges and ensure that the introduction of pay by weight can happen in a way that builds acceptance and understanding of the benefits of Pay-by-Weight over time,” said Minister Coveney Since the waste industry began releasing its planned pricing plans in relation to the nationwide roll-out of pay-by-weight charging at the start of June, the Government has flagged its significant concerns regarding the reported escalation of waste bills for some customers from July, particularly in relation to proposed increases in service charges.

“We have engaged actively and intensely with representatives of the waste industry over the last few days, with a view to agreeing a way forward that results in customers paying no more than they’re currently paying for waste collection over the next 12 months - by means of a price freeze to end-June 2017 - to avoid any potential significant price hikes from next month, while households have time to adapt to the new system and more effectively manage their waste,” added the Minister.

Under the Government plan customers will over time be able to see, through a dual billing process, details in their bills about the amount of waste they are disposing of, their costs under the continuation of their current price plan and details of the comparative pay-by-weight charge.

“During this transition period, my Department, in partnership with the waste industry, will drive an intensive public awareness, information and promotion campaign to support customers in understanding the new system, how they can change their waste management behaviour and better manage their waste costs under the pay-by-weight system.

“It’s vital that, if households become more efficient in segregating waste and reducing their waste bills, they will have the opportunity to choose to transition during this period to pay-by-weight charging or, if they prefer, they can opt to remain on their current price plan."

At the end of this 12-month transition period (in July 2017), the Government will review the operation of pay-by-weight, including the effectiveness of the transition process, and make decisions regarding its further roll-out, regulation and oversight of the sector.

Crucially, the plan also provides assurances for users of incontinence products supplied by the HSE that they will not face additional charges under pay by weight and that operators will absorb this cost.

Appropriate amendments to the waste legislation will be made to provide for comparative billing information for customers and opt-in arrangements. The operation of the price freeze by the industry will be closely monitored by Government and, in the event of evidence of it not being honoured, the Minister will ensure that primary legislation is brought forward to legislate to enforce the freeze. “I want to thank the Industry for working with me on this difficult matter. This is the best outcome for households and they can now manage their own waste in a sustainable manner and in the process reduce their costs. It is a priority for this Government to help working families and keeping waste costs down while encouraging recycling is an excellent example of this,” ended Minister Coveney.

From July 1st 2016, Household Waste Charges are Changing!

From that date you will Pay By Weight for your bin collection service. To ensure you get the best service & price contact your waste collector.

Right across the country waste contractors use a variety of different methods to charge for their services. To create a level playing field and to encourage positive environmental behaviour, changes are coming into force by July 2016 which will see all householders charged on a Pay by Weight basis for their waste collection service.

So from July 2016 each household will pay an annual service charge for collection & after that their waste contractor will weigh the bins each time they are collected and apply a charge based on the weight of the bin.

The advantage of pay by weight is that it gives you more control over your waste bills. The less your bin weighs, the less you pay, so there is a great incentive to prevent and recycle waste. Not only will this benefit you, it is also good for the environment.

If you pay a flat rate or tag system for your bin charges these changes will affect you. All charges will be set by your collector, please contact them for full details.

To learn more about how to control your waste costs by preventing waste, composting and recycling better contact Wicklow County Council, Environmental Awareness Office: Phone:1890 22 22 76, Email:

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Further Information:

Eastern and Midlands Waste Regional office:

Bag collections for waste are being discontinued.

As part of the role out of Pay by Weight, waste can no longer be presented for collection in plastic bags for the majority of households.

Households that use a bag collection service at present will only be able to continue to use bags, after 1st July this year, if they have been designated as exempt by Wicklow County Council. 

In all other areas, waste must be presented for collection in a wheelie bin.

From July 1st Bags will no longer be sold in shops. Bags may only be purchased directly from your waste company if you are a registered household.

Exemptions to the requirement to present waste in a wheelie bin will only be granted in the following circumstances.

  • No space within the boundary of the property, front, rear or side to store bins
  • Physical features of the property which make it impossible to move a bin to the front edge of the property or nearest boundary for presentation, e.g. steep gradient
  • Property is currently not on a waste collection route and the property is greater than 100m from the nearest waste collection route.

If you believe you meet the above criteria you may apply to be placed on the register of exemptions by filling in and submitting the form.

Once you have received confirmation from Wicklow County Council that your property has been placed on the register please contact your waste collector to set up a bag account.

For details of pricing etc please contact your waste collection company.

For further queries please contact the Waste Management Office on 0404 20127 or Environmental Awareness Office on 1890 222276.

E-mail queries can be sent to

Paper copies of the form are available from all Wicklow County Council offices, libraries and recycling centres.

Application to be registered as a bag waste collection household.

Please note exemptions will only be made in exceptional circumstances that meet the criteria listed above.


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