Compulsory Purchase Order

A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) has been prepared in order to acquire the lands necessary to give effect to the objectives of the County Development Plan and in particular the Greystones Harbour and North Beach Action Plan. The CPO was served on owners and occupiers of lands required to secure these objectives including the Minister for Finance in respect of lands below the High Water Mark.

The compulsory acquisition of the foreshore is a new power conferred on local authorities under Section 227 of the Planning and Development Act, 2000. Previously a foreshore licence would have been required from the Department of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources. In addition to state lands the CPO includes lands in the ownership of Greystones Sailing Club, Greystones Ridge Angling Club, JJ Burke & Sons and Tracey Enterprises Limited.

As part of the CPO procedure Rights of Way will be extinguished in order to allow development to take place. These Rights of Way relate mainly to existing pathways, however, access to the Cliff Walk will be maintained at all times and bidders for the PPP project have been required to ensure that both temporary access is maintained during construction works and that permanent and improved access is provided on completion of the project.

The CPO was on public display and 138 submissions were received by An Bord Pleanala by the closing date of 18th February 2005.


CPO Notice - 214kb