Conserving Bats

Bats are nocturnal mammals, often to be found living largely unnoticed in buildings and bridges close to trees, hedgerows and rivers where they forage for insects. As a species they are increasingly under threat from habitat loss, often due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the needs of this animal. There are now 10 known species of bat to be found in Ireland, following the first confirmed record for Brandts Bat at Glendalough in 2003. All bats are protected under the Wildlife Acts. Where bat roosts are known to occur on the site of a proposed development, the National Parks and Wildlife Service or a trained bat worker should be contacted for advice.

It is an offence under the Wildlife Act (1976 and 2000) to intentionally disturb, kill or injure a bat or its resting place, so any work must be carried out with advice and under licence from the National Parks and Wildlife Service

For more information on bats check out at Bats Conservation Ireland's website