Lakes and Wetlands

  1. Cold water in lakes and wetlands can be very dangerous. It is often much colder beneath the surface than you think. Suddenly getting into cold water can give you a cold shock. If you feel cold, get out of the water straight away or you cold suffer from Hypothermia.
  2. The bottom of lakes and wetlands can be soft and uneven. Look out for submerged objects.
  3. Large lakes and rivers may look calm, but remember wind will create choppy waves that make it dangerous to swim or go out in a small boat.
  4. Do not use floating toys on lakes or wetlands- you can be easily blown away from shore and away from safety.

Construction Sites

  1. You cannot tell how deep a hole is if it is water filled.
  2. Ground churned up by digging machinery can be very soft and become water filled, acting like “quicksand”
  3. Sides of trenches can collapse.
  4. Stay away from construction sites


  1. Keep clear of cliff edges, as they can be slippery when wet or loose underfoot.
  2. If you see someone in difficult, tell an adult
  3. SAFE - Stay Away From the Edge.

In an Emergency Dial 999 or 112