The Last County - Thanks




Chapter 1. General View of County Wicklow. page 5
Chapter 2. The O’Byrne's and the Shiring of Wicklow. page 9
Chapter 3. Total Conquest. page 13
Chapter 4. The Penal Laws. page 19
Chapter 5. Towns, Stately Homes and Some Forgotten People. page 26
Chapter 6. Agriculture and Industry. page 37
Chapter 7. Communications. page 48
Chapter 8. Lifestyles. page 54
Chapter 9. The 1798 Rebellion. page 61
Chapter 10. Wicklow County Gaol. page 69
Chapter 11. Population Trends. page 74
Chapter 12. Wicklow on the Eve of the Famine. page 76
Chapter 13. Bibliography. page 79

The County Wicklow Heritage Society gratefully acknowledges its indebtedness to:

Avondale Chemical Company, Rathdrum

Without the Company’s generous financial assistance the publication of this book would not have been possible. The Society would also like to thank the Chairman and members of Wicklow County Council and the County Manager, Mr. Blaise Treacy, for their continued interest and financial commitment to the Project.



This publication is the product of a FAS Training Programme which is funded by the Local Community, the Employment Levy and EC Structural Funds.

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