Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP)

If you have missed a mortgage repayment or are likely to miss your next or future mortgage repayments, we have a process called the Mortgage Arrears Resolution Process (MARP) to help support borrowers who are in arrears, or are at risk to going into arrears. We have a dedicated team in our Mortgage Support Unit that will work with borrowers. If you are deemed to be eligible for the process we will work with you to bring you through this process in order to try to get the best solution to address your arrears situation.

There are four steps in this process:

  • Step 1: Communication
  • Step 2: Financial Information
  • Step 3: Assessment
  • Step 4: Resolution

Step 1:

You can contact the Arrears Support Unit Monday to Friday. One of our Arrears Support Officers will help you through the process.

Step 2:

In order to start to assist you with your arrears we must fully understand your financial situation and as a result you will be required to provide us with full details of your income and expenditure. We need you to complete a Standard Financial Statement (SFS). In addition to the SFS you will be required to provide the backup documentation as outlined on the form. We will then review the form and arrange to meet you to ensure that we have a full understanding of your financial situation.

Step 3:

We accept that everyone’s situation is different and as a result we will assess the information in your completed SFS and examine your situation on its individual merits. We will use the information you have provided to determine which options for an alternative repayment arrangement may suit your situation.

Step 4:

We will explore all options when considering your case, in order to determine which repayments arrangements are viable and appropriate for you.

Contact Details:

Mortgage Support Unit, Wicklow County Council, Revenue Section, County Buildings, Wicklow.

Phone: 04040 20100 Ext 2128 E-mail: