Primary Schools Programme

A primary schools fire safety programme was launched by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government in November 2006. The Primary Schools Programme (PSP) has been designed to enhance the level of awareness of Fire Safety in the home, through school going children and to raise the level of awareness of Fire Safety in the community.

The objective of this programme is to deliver Fire Safety education to 3rd class primary school children (approximately 9 years of age) in schools across the country. The school children are expected as part of their homework, to interact with their families on elements of the programme relating to fire safety in the home. This should ensure that awareness is raised in relation to fire safety issues in the home and increases the possibility that these issues are addressed.

Wicklow Fire Service is actively involved in delivering this programme and has been since its inception. In the school year 2008/2009, 2884 3rd class students in 88 schools in the county participated in the programme.

The programme is delivered by firefighters of each fire brigade to schools in their respective areas.