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Tree Grants 2014

Wicklow County Council will again be grant aiding the planting of trees by Tidy Towns, Residents and Community Groups in 2014.

The maximum grant payable may be up to 50% of the cost and is payable when the work is completed. Maximum grant available in 2014 is €500. Reckonable expenditure would include the cost of the trees, ties, stakes and fertiliser but does not include the cost of the planting.

Local Agenda 21

Local Agenda 21 is a process which facilitates sustainable development at community level. It is based on participation which respects the social, cultural, economic and environmental needs of the present and future citizens of a community in all its diversity and which relates that community and its future to the regional, national and international community of which it is a part.


1 baby = 5,000 nappies = 1,750 kilograms of domestic waste

Babies need nappies, but which type is the right one?

Did you know that a two and a half-year-old baby will produce a five metre high pile of used disposable nappies that weigh almost one tonne! Disposables will outlive your child by many lifetimes. It takes 200-500 years for one disposable nappy to decompose.

Find out about modern real nappies at our Nappy Display at the Murrough Environmental Centre, Wicklow Town and at The Bray Recycling Centre.

Communities and Heritage

Sources of Funding Available

The purpose of this brief is to provide information to individuals and communities in County Wicklow about the sources of funding available to them on local and national levels. It has been produced by the Heritage Office of Wicklow County Council, County Buildings Wicklow Town. Tel: 0404 20100/ 91,

For further information on any of the listings please see relevant contact details at the end of each entry.

Green Business Initiative

The Green Business Initiative (GBI) is a project designed to promote waste prevention and resource efficiency within the business sector and amongst organisations generally. The Green Business Initiative seeks to work with enterprises and other organisations by providing practical tools and independent support to enable users to save money and increase profits, whilst helping the environment.

There are three main projects currently underway within the Green Business Initiative:


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