Hedgerows are important features in the landscape of Wicklow, offering food and shelter for many species of plant, mammals, birds and insects, as well as enhancing views and contributing to the unique character of our countryside.

Many Hedgerows can be dated back to the mid 1700's, and are literally standing records of an area's history of land ownership and testament to other features of local heritage (geology, traditional skills, farming practices etc).


County Wicklow Biodiversity Action Plan 2010-2015

The first Biodiversity Plan for County Wicklow was adopted by the members of Wicklow County Council in December 2010 and sets out a strategy for increasing our understanding and appreciation of biodiversity in the county along with measures for enhancing the protection of this valuable resource


The architectural heritage of County Wicklow forms an intrinsic part of the character of towns, villages and rural areas, and consists of buildings, structures and landmarks.

The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage completed an interim survey, highlighting a representative sample of the architectural heritage of Wicklow in 2004. The results can be viewed at Buildings of Ireland Website.



Archaeology is a broad term that includes archaeological sites, artefacts, and field monuments. Our archaeological heritage in Wicklow is rich and varied and reflects the influence of man on the landscape from prehistoric times to present.

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