Higher Education Grants

Approved Courses

  1. A full-time undergraduate course of not less than two years’ duration or a full-time postgraduate course of not less than one year duration in an approved institution.
  2. A full-time undergraduate course of not less than two years duration pursued in a university or third-level institution which is maintained or assisted by recurrent grants from public funds in another EU member state, with the exception of the following:-

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is entitled to a Maintenance Grant?

Maintenance grants are awarded, subject to certain conditions relating to family income, including the following; the number of dependent children in a family, and the distance of the family home from the College the student will be attending.

Higher Education Grants

The Higher Education Grant Scheme provides financial assistance for full time undergraduate courses in approved third level colleges. Family and/or personal income is a key factor that will be assessed when you apply for a student grant however there are a number of other factors that must also be considered. For further information on these, please see the Department of Educations website www.studentfinance.ie.

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