Other Environment Services

Environmental Strategic Policy Committee

6 County Councillors

  • Cllr. Conal Kavanagh
  • Cllr. Irene Winters
  • Cllr. John Brady
  • Cllr. Vincent Blake
  • Cllr. Pat Doran
  • Cllr. John Byrne

1 Town Councillor

  • Cllr. Sean Smullen - Wicklow Town Council

4 Members from External Sectors

  • Development / Construction - Brendan Dunne, Priorstate Construction Ltd.
  • Agriculture / Farming -
  • Environmental / Conservation - Paul Leahy
  • Business Commercial - John Nolan, Bray


Energy is perhaps the world's greatest challenge at the moment. With grave issues like global warming and climate change at stake, we've all got to start reducing the energy that we waste and being more efficient with the energy that we use.

The policies of Wicklow County Council incorporate our responsibility to ensure that energy is used as sustainably as possible. Chapter 14 - Energy & Telecommunications of the County Development Plan 2010 -2016 outline the policies and objectives that protect and make the best use of energy resources in County Wicklow.

Local Agenda 21

Local Agenda 21 is a process which facilitates sustainable development at community level. It is based on participation which respects the social, cultural, economic and environmental needs of the present and future citizens of a community in all its diversity and which relates that community and its future to the regional, national and international community of which it is a part.

Making a Complaint

Guidance for Members of the Public regarding Complaints

This guidance explains how, you as a member of the public can go about making a complaint or reporting pollution incidents regarding litter, illegal waste activities, noise nuisance, drinking water complaints, river quality and/or other general environmental pollution matters. There are a number of state bodies with responsibilities for environmental protection.

Casual Trading

Casual trading includes activities in a public place, such as the sale of fast food from a van, the sale of flowers from a vehicle or stall, or any similar street market type of activity. It includes selling at a public road to which the public have access as a right or any other place that is a casual trading area as defined by the Casual Trading Act, 1995. Each Local Authority including Town Councils has the responsibility for Casual Trading in its area.

General & Other Environmental Services

Wicklow is known as the Garden of Ireland because of its natural environment – its rivers, lakes, mountains, seashore, forests and varied landscape. The Goal of the Water and Environmental Services Directorate is:

“to protect, conserve and enhance the natural environment of County Wicklow for present and future generations, taking into account the environmental principles of sustainable development and Local Agenda 21”.

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