Community Involvement Scheme 2017

Wicklow County Council is inviting applications under the above Community Involvement Scheme (CIS). This scheme relates to public roads only.

This scheme encourages a joint approach between the council and groups of local residents and landowners for the restoration of roads mainly local or cul de sac roads. The CIS will be based on community contributions in line with the following table:

Traffic Calming Policy

In recent years there has being an increasing demand for traffic calming measures to be introduced in new and existing housing estates, access roads and distributor roads in towns and villages in Co. Wicklow.

Speed is factor in some road collisions (25% according to the Road Collision Fact for 2009) recorded in Ireland, where drivers exceeded the safe speed limit. Vehicles that would exceed the safe speed limit would affect the quality of life of residents and pedestrians that would use the public road network.

Road Safety


Ireland’s fourth Road Safety Strategy builds on the progress and understanding provided by the first three strategies (1998–2002), (2004–2006), (2007–2012) with the objective of sustainably improving safety on Irish roads. This new Strategy, called ‘Closing the Gap’, will cover the period 2013 to 2020.

Cycle Network

Cycle Network proposals for Greater Dublin Area

The National Transport Authority on September 10, 2013 launched a public consultation to seek the views of the public and interested parties on its draft Consultation on Cycle Network proposals for the Greater Dublin Area. The Proposals include increasing the length of the region’s cycle network to 2,840km (from today’s 500km), and includes primary and secondary routes, as well as Greenways.

Please note the closing date for submissions has passed.


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