Water Supply


Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides

Wicklow County Council urges vigilance from all users of pesticides to prevent water pollution and protect the quality of our drinking waters, surface waters and ground waters.

In order to prevent pollution of drinking water supplies with Pesticides the following restrictions apply under the European Communities (Sustainable Use) of Pesticides Regulations 2012:


What to do if you find a leak?

The responsibility for repairing leaks depends on the location of the leak. Any leak on the consumer side of the connection (boundary box or stopcock) is the responsibility of the consumer. In this case you will have to contact your plumber to solve your leak. The water mains up to the consumer connection is the responsibility of Wicklow County Counciland Irish Water.

Water Saving Tips

Wicklow County Council has part funded the Taptips campaign run by Dublin City Council. You can visit the taptips website at Taptips to learn how to save water in your home, your workplace and in your school. It is also very interesting to visit sites like www.target.com.au to see how they are coping with drought in Queensland, Australia.

Why Conserve Water

We live in a country which has abundant supplies of rainfall. The Emerald Isle is famous for its lush green environment. However, particularly in the east of the country demand for water is growing to levels which are hard to meet. Supplies taken from rivers and groundwater in Dublin and surrounding counties has almost reached maximum levels. Wicklow supplies a large part of the water for Dublin as well as water for the county. There is little room to expand water supply with existing resources in the county.


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