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Higher Education Grants

The Higher Education Grant Scheme provides financial assistance for full time undergraduate courses in approved third level colleges. Family and/or personal income is a key factor that will be assessed when you apply for a student grant however there are a number of other factors that must also be considered. For further information on these, please see the Department of Educations website www.studentfinance.ie.


Head of Finance: Loraine Lynch


"To provide and promote the best financial management and accounting standards and practices throughout the County Council."

The Finance Department plays an important role in the support and delivery of services in Wicklow Local Authorities. It deals with the financial management and financing of the authorities’ operations, both of a revenue and capital nature, across all Programme Divisions:

Civil Defence


Wicklow County Council is responsible for the Civil Defence service throughout the County. The Council's Civil Defence Officer, Mr. Michael Richardson, a full time employee, is based in Wicklow Town. All other Civil Defence personnel are volunteers.

Corporate Services

The Enterprise and Corporate Services Section of the Council deals with services such as Recruitment, the Register of Electors, Higher Education Grants, Freedom of Information and the Film Commission.


Phone: 0404 20158
Fax: 0404 20112


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