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Householders Mobile Recycling

Householders Mobile Recycling collection for plastic bottles, newspapers & textiles

The mobile collection service for householders in West Wicklow have been changed. Please note the Changes so you won’t miss them!

Please note changed dates

Please use the Wicklow county council recycling Centres as an alternative

Rampere recycling centre, Grangecon Rd, Baltinglass - open Monday - Saturday. Phone 059 6481677.

Bathing Waters

Wicklow County Council conducts monitoring of its bathing waters areas along its coastline during the bathing season, which runs from 1st June to 15th September of each year. There are six bathing waters identified under the Bathing Water Regulations 2008. These are Bray South Promenade, Greystones South Beach, Silver Strand, Brittas Bay North Beach, Brittas South Beach and Clogga Beach, which achieved either excellent or good classification, based on the last 4 years of sample results.

Pay By Weight

Government plan for Pay By Weight introduces Price Freeze and phased introduction of Pay-by-Weight

Mr. Simon Coveney T.D., Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government today (21 June, 2016) announced the successful conclusion of an agreement with the Waste Industry with regard to the introduction of Pay-by-Weight charging for waste collection.

Smokeless Coal Ban

Air Pollution Act (Marketing, Sale, Distribution and Burning of Specified Fuels) Regulations 2012

Wicklow, Rathnew, Greystones and Delgany have been designated under the above Regulations as areas where ‘smoky’ coal is to be banned for heating purposes. Arklow and Bray are already designated under the Regulations. The smoke and gases from the burning of smoky coal can cause severe health problems for certain people including those vulnerable to lung infections but everyone benefi ts in the long run from having better quality air to breathe.

Wormeries Guide

Composting garden waste and fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchen is a great way to reduce the amount of garbage we throw away. This saves valuable tipping space, and compost itself is great for the soil. Keeping earthworms in containers and feeding them fruit and vegetable scraps, is another cheap, simple way to cut down on garbage. As a bonus, the worms produce a wonderful garden fertiliser - worm castings. Suitable containers for keeping worms include wooden boxes, stackable worm farms and stackable plastic worm factories.


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