Signage Guidlines

Guidelines On Temporary Auctioneer’s Signs

  • May be erected on the property being sold/let. Size of signs allowed dictated by planning regulations (Class 9, Article 6, Part 2 Exempted Developments - Advertisements - Planning and Development Regulations 2001, S.I. No 600/2001). However, they must not interfere with Road Safety (Roads Act, 1993) or harm the amenity of the area.
  • May be erected on private property not being sold/let provided “the person is authorised in advance to do so in writing” by the landowner concerned. Again rules of size (planning), safety (roads) and amenity (environmental) come into play.
  • Auctioneer’s signs may not be erected in a public place (very wide definition) except where a licence is obtained through planning.

So Auctioneer’s signs in the latter two categories are offences under the Litter Pollution Acts 1997 and 2003 (Section 19 (1)) unless the landowner has given approval in advance.

Section 19(1) states:

"where any structure or other land, door, gate, window, tree, pole or post is in or is visible from a public place, a person, who is not the owner, occupier or person in charge thereof shall not - (a) exhibit or cause to be exhibited thereon any article or advertisement or (b) carry out or cause to be carried out any defacement thereof by writing or other marks, unless, in either case, the person is authorised in advance to do so in writing by such owner, occupier or person in charge or by or under any enactment.

The litter fine will specify removal within 7 days. If not removed a new fine should be issued.

The sign on private land, exempt from planning, will only be so until 7 days after 'sale agreed' goes up. After that it would still appear to be a planning matter.

Guidelines On Temporary Commercial Signs

Non-Auctioneer but still commercial signs are subject to the exact same restrictions.

Cars for Sale signs in a public place are also litter under Section 19 (1).

Temporary Sign Permits

Planning regulations specify three classes of sign promoting charity, sporting or cultural events as being exempt under the 2001 regulations.

16 – Local event of a religious, cultural, educational, political, social, recreational or sporting character not being an event promoted or carried out for commercial purposes (fund raisers).

17 – Visit of travelling circus, funfair, carnival, show, musicians, players or other travelling entertainment.

18 – Demonstration of agricultural methods or processes on the land which the advert is exhibited.

All these should, however, have temporary sign permits (this would be Council Policy not legislation). See Appendix.

Appendix - Temporary Sign Permit

In order to obtain a Temporary Sign Permit the applicant will be asked to submit the following;

  • The name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for the erection of signs and on whom responsibility will fall to remove the signs.
  • Details of the type and size of sign to be erected and including materials to be used in the making of the sign (paper signs covered with plastic not allowed).
  • Proposed wording on the advertisement including details of charity benefiting from the event and also registration number.
  • The number of signs proposed to be erected.
  • A map indicating where it is proposed to locate the signs.

Details should be sent to:
Water and Environmental Services,
Wicklow County Council,
County Buildings,
Phone: 0404 20100, Fax 0404 67792

Conditions Of A Temporary Sign Permit

  • The size of any temporary sign shall not exceed that outlined in the Planning and Development Regulations 2001 (Class 9,16,17 and 18)
  • The Council may advise the applicant of more suitable locations for erecting signs taking into account road safety concerns.
  • No temporary sign may erected more than 7 days before the event is due to take place
  • No temporary sign will remain up longer then 7 days after the event ceases.
  • It is Council policy that no more the one sign may be erected per event on each approach road to a town or village.
  • In locations where the Council has provided Display Screens, then advertising will only be allowed on these screens. A nominal charge will apply.
  • In cases where the event is run for charity, the name of the benefiting charity must be displayed on the advertisement.
  • The Certificate of Exemption number must be displayed on each sign erected.

Wicklow County Council's policy on advertising signs