Water Safety on the Farm

  • Farm ponds/water holes are often out of view on the house so have an adult with you when you are feeding the ducks or playing. Alternatively fence in or cover or fill in the risk.
  • Slurry pits are not solid enough to stand on and may be overgrown with grass- keep away you will sink and drown. Do not follow or try to get a ball out of a slurry pit. Adults make sure the slurry pit is not accessible and cannot be entered.
  • Keep away from the edge of riverbanks, pools, ponds and holes. The exact edge may not be visible because of grass and reeds and the bank may be undermined and will give way.
  • Fill in holes and drains etc left after building works. They will fill with water and you will not know the depth – can be deep.
  • Cover rainwater barrels and animal drinking tanks/ barrels. Use a auto drinking bowl type instead.
  • Do not try to retrieve floating objects toys, ball etc from water. They are cheap – buy another one – “ cause there is only one of you!”
  • Never skate or walk out onto ice-covered water- it will break, you will go down and cannot get back and the water will be freezing!