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Why Choose Wicklow

Co. Wicklow is an excellent choice as a filming location - here's why.

Co. Wicklow is the main production hub in the East of Ireland. The crew base and facilities companies in the Wicklow and nearby Dublin area support drama, documentary, natural history, animation, reality, light entertainment, game shows and feature films.

There are many reasons to make your film in Co. Wicklow:

  • A stunning variety of locations in a small area that including the wild Wicklow Mountains and rugged coastline, isolated cottages and urban streetscapes, grand country houses and modern architecture!
  • Experienced and internationally recognised crew who can work on large and small budgets
  • Attractive Irish film incentive
  • Ashford and Ardmore Studios are located in Co. Wicklow.
  • A wealth of pre and post-production facilities are at your fingertips
  • Close to Dublin City and Dublin Airport and Port (less than 20 kilometres).
  • Co. Wicklow locations have doubled up as the UK, Scotland, Morocco, Canada, Germany, France and America
  • Local authorities are committed to welcome, assist and support you.

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