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National Climate Action Plan 2019

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Ireland Climate Action Plan 2019, which is now subject to annual review, is Ireland’s roadmap to  becoming a climate neutral economy and resilient society by 2050. It sets out a pathway to dramatically decrease the amount of greenhouse gases released while also increasing the amount removed from the atmosphere by land, forestry and technology. It sets Irelands targets up to 2030 and ambition for 2050. The target for 2030 is now being set at a 51% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions below 2018 levels.

The plan addresses both climate mitigation measures and adaptation to the impact of our changing climate. It addresses emissions and challenges across different sectors including electricity supply, transport, heating our buildings, agriculture and waste. It considers the role of citizens, communities and the need for a just transition that is fair to all. Public services are expected to take a strong lead. Measuring and monitoring of progress is important and carbon budgets are to be set progressively limiting the amount of carbon emissions allowed by different sectors.

Wicklow County Council and other local authorities have been given a key role in delivering Climate action, building on commitments made in the Climate Charter signed in 2019. Local government will lead by example but also help to facilitate action at local level. Once the Climate Bill 2021 is passed Wicklow County Council will be asked to produce a local Climate Action Plan for Wicklow which addresses both mitigation and adaptation. Each local authority is also required to select a pilot decarbonisation zone and Wicklow County Council has selected the town of Arklow.

For more information on the Nation Climate Action Plan visit here