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Green Business Initiative

The Green Business Initiative is designed to promote waste prevention and resource efficiency within the business sector.

gb-tree-and-logoThe Green Business Initiative seeks to work with enterprises and other organisations by providing practical tools and independent support to enable users to save money and increase profits, whilst helping the environment.

There are three main projects currently underway within the Green Business Initiative:

  • Greenbusiness.ie - an exciting website containing a host of information and tools to help businesses and other organisations save money and become more resource efficient
  • Case Study Implementation (CSI) - finding examples of best practice in business and promoting these, by illustrating what cost and material savings are possible by adopting simple changes to business processes and practices. Reducing material usage and waste generation will reduce costs
  • Hotels sectoral projects - the Green Hospitality Award is available to hotels and similar businesses that demonstrate progress towards environmental sustainable practices. Visit www.greenhospitality.ie to find out more.