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Architectural Conservation Areas

Details of Architectural Conservation Areas in Co. Wicklow.

An Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) is a place, area, group of structures or townscapes that is of special interest and that has been afforded statutory protection by the planning authority in accordance with Section 81 of the Planning & Development Act.

ACAs contribute to the revitalisation of the fabric of towns, villages and rural areas by supporting their aesthetic value, giving them a distinctive identity, and thus making a positive contribution to local economies and tourism.

In an ACA, the carrying out of works to the exterior of a structure will be exempted development only if these works do not materially affect the character of the area. This is in addition to the requirement under Section 4 (1) (h) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 that for works to be exempted they must be consistent with the appearance of the structure itself and neighbouring structures.

The following ACAs have been identified and adopted throughout the county:




Town centre


Town centre


Town centre


Town centre


  • Main Street
  • Low Town


Village centre


(1) Church Road

(2) Killincarrig village

(3) The Burnaby

(4) Blacklion

(5) Greystones Harbour

Wicklow Town

(1) Town centre

(2) Leitrim Place

(3) Bachelors Walk and Church Street

(4) Bay View Road

(5) Brickfield Lane