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Emergency Repairs

Key contact telephone numbers and what to do if you have a housing-related emergency out of Wicklow County Council's usual working hours.

After-hours housing repairs

If you have an emergency outside of Wicklow County Council's normal opening hours, the following telephone number may be used by Wicklow County Council tenants (ie residing in Wicklow County Council-owned houses) in the event of a serious housing repair issue in relation to:

  • Gas installation in the house (gas boilers etc)
  • Oil installation (oil boilers)
  • General Plumbing (burst water pipes, burst water storage tanks etc)
  • Electrical systems (eg major electrical fault)

Tenants should consult their Tenants Handbook first, as the normal rules around Tenant Responsible Repairs still apply. Routine repairs should be reported during normal hours to the Housing Section or your local Municipal District office.

After-Hours Housing Repairs Assistance Number: (01) 291 0911

Calls will be answered by a call centre that will route the call to an appropriate contractor.

This number will only be in operation outside normal Wicklow County Council opening hours (including the Christmas and New Year period).

Gas Emergencies

If you smell gas in the house, then call the 24-hour gas emergency service on :

1850 20 50 50
This service is provided by Gas Networks Ireland.

Read further information on what to do if you smell gas

Gas heating repairs/breakdowns

My gas heating is not working. What can I do?


  • Check that your gas meter is in credit (if it is a pay-as-you-go meter) or that you have paid your gas bill.
  • Check that your electricity meter is also in credit. Remember the gas boiler needs electricity to operate as well as gas.
  • Be sure that you understand how to operate the heating controls (the time-clock or programmer).
  • If the boiler is firing/running but the radiators are not heating, then check the settings of your wall thermostat. If the thermostat has been set at a temperature lower than the current temperature in the house, then the radiators will not receive hot water from the boiler. (It may have been interfered with children etc). Turn the knob on the thermostat fully clockwise. The radiators may now start to heat up.
  • If the boiler is firing/running and you have heat to the radiators but no domestic hot water (ie your hot water cylinder is not heating up), check the cylinder thermostat. This will be attached to the hot water (copper) cylinder in the hotpress. If the thermostat has been set too low, then the hot water cylinder will not receive hot water from the boiler. Turn the knob clockwise to say 60 or 70 degrees C.