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Details of projects under the Greystones Municipal District Roads Programme.



The Greystones Walking Trail was officially opened by Cllr Derek Mitchell, Cathaoirleach of Greystones Municipal District, on 26th June 2018.

The eight-kilometre trail goes from Greystones train station to Kilmacanogue and connects to the Sugar Loaf Way, via the Burnaby, Kindlestown, Bellvue Hill, Kindlestown Woods, Ballydonagh, the Glenview N11 overbridge and Quill Road.

Access to the walking trail is well served by public transport from Greystones DART, Dublin Bus routes 184, 84, 45a, and Bus Eireann route number 133.

The Wicklow Uplands Council plan to open a walk from Kilmacanogue over the little Sugar Loaf to Bray later this year which will link into the Greystones Way and enable a circular walk of about three to four hours. It is hoped that the new route will eventually connect to the Vartry Reservoir walks at Roundwood and the Wicklow Way.

Greystones Municipal District Councillors allocated their tourism budget for two years to develop this walk.

2022 Road Works 

Restoration Improvement Schemes

L-1028 - Windgates - 1486 m - €250,691 - Completed

L-10482 - Hazelwood Crescent - 91m - €19,312 - completed

L-1205 - Cliff Road - 201 m -€30,000 - Tendered

L-12052 - Marine Terrace - 87 m - €29,872 - Completed

L-5028 - Templecarrig Lower Road - 834 m - €165,000 - Completed

L-5045 - Lott Lane - 550 m - €101,885 - Completed

R-762 - Glen Road - 662 m - €80,000 - to commence


Restoration Maintenance Schemes

L-5047 - Ballyronan Road - 1,500 m - €25,000 - Completed

L-5542 - Kilquade Road - 625 m - €12,000 - Completed

L-5550 - Sea Road, Newcastle - 475 m - Completed


Bridge Maintenance

None in 2022


Drainage Works

  1. Cliff Road - to commence in November 2022
  2. Rathdown Road - to commence in November 2022


Safety Improvement Works

Improvement of the junction of the L-1028 Windgates Road/Templecarrig Road with the L-5028 Templecarrig Lower Road - landowner agreements made.  ESB agreement made.  ESB underground work complete.  Groundworks are ongoing.  Road to be resurfaced immediately after.


Local Improvement Scheme

None in 2022


NTA Works

NTA Active Travel Measures

Kilpedder to Willow Grove Footpath Renewal Scheme - Commenced October 2022

Greystones Transport Study - Phase 2 - concept and options

Delgany Village to Mill Road cycle and footpath works - Phase 5 - detailed design and tender

Rathdown Road - R761 Blacklion - provision of segregated cycle track - Phase 2 - concept and options

Greystones Seafront to Kilcoole - provision of cycle and pedestrian route from Greystones seafront, through Charlesland to Lott Lane, Kilcoole - Phase 2 - concept and options

Kilcoole Road Pedestrian & Cycle improvements - provision of new or widened footpaths or cycle tracks - Phase 1 - scope and purpose

Killincarrig Village Enhancement Scheme - provision of improved pedestrian facilities and public realm improvements - Phase 4 - statutory approval (Section 38)

Priory Road footpath - provision of new or widened footpaths - Phase 6 - construction

Schools at Blacklion Manor - provision of signage, road markings and pedestrian improvements at schools - Phase 3 - preliminary design

Active Travel - Rural Minor Schemes - pedestrian and cycle infrastructure improvements - Phase 6 - construction

Cycle parking provisions in Wicklow - provision of covered cycle parking facilities at various locations throughout County Wicklow - Phase 6 - Construction

Bellevue Hill footpath - provision of new or widened footpaths - Phase 1 - scope and purpose

R761 Kilcoole Rd. footpath - provision of new or widened footpath - Phase 6 - construction

Convent Road - design and implementation of one way system on Convent Road with pedestrian and cycle improvements - Phase 1 - scope and purpose

Sea Road to Train Station, Kilcoole - provision of cycle and pedestrian facilities from Sea Road to Kilcoole Train Station - Phase 2 - concejpt and options

Safe Routes to Schools Programme - Support Infrastructure - St. Kevin's School, Greystones - Phase 5 - detailed design and tender


Footpath Works

1. Seaview
2. Marine Terrace - Completed

Climate Adaption Measures

The Cove, Greystones - Budget €65,000 Contract awarded

Works completed for Contracdt award of €107,162.

Outdoor Recreation Improvement Schemes

  1. Kilcoole Mass Path - Budget €11,700a for repairs to streaqm bank to rear of convent garden wall.  Works to be completed for €25,380.
  2. Cliff Walk Protection Scheme - €198,000 - subject to legal agreements
  3. Three Trout Green Route - €45,000 to procure consultants to design 2 bridges over the Three Trout stream at key locations
  4. Bright Light Blueway - €554,820 - overall scheme allocation part of which is allocated for a boardwalk along the south beach, Greystones.  Tender awarded.  Part 8 advertised.

Other Works

  1. Kilmullen Lane road reconstruction completed
  2. 9 trees planted in the Burnaby, 4 on Whitshed Road and 5 on St. Vincent's Road
  3. 11 trees planted along Kimberley Road in partnership with Greystones Tidy Towns, St. David's and St. Brigid's schools.  The trees will have edible fruit and nuts on them.
  4. New paths in Redford cemetery
  5. 2 chess tables installed in Burnaby Park
  6. Extra toilets provided for the south beach during the bathing season - removed mid-September
  7. 35 redundant poles and signs removed from the R762, Church Road and Mill Road
  8. Paths in Burnaby Park dusted as next phase of improving paths.  Will make paths more accessible
  9. Realignment works along R761 Kilcoole Road between Glenbrook Park and Archers Wood ongoing
  10. Charlesland dual carriageway roundabout name signs erected
  11. 80 km/hr signs being changed to rural speed limit signs
  12. Slow Zone signs being erected at entrances to all housing estates