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Details of projects under the Greystones Municipal District Roads Programme.



The Greystones Walking Trail was officially opened by Cllr Derek Mitchell, Cathaoirleach of Greystones Municipal District, on 26th June 2018.

The eight-kilometre trail goes from Greystones train station to Kilmacanogue and connects to the Sugar Loaf Way, via the Burnaby, Kindlestown, Bellvue Hill, Kindlestown Woods, Ballydonagh, the Glenview N11 overbridge and Quill Road.

Access to the walking trail is well served by public transport from Greystones DART, Dublin Bus routes 184, 84, 45a, and Bus Eireann route number 133.

The Wicklow Uplands Council plan to open a walk from Kilmacanogue over the little Sugar Loaf to Bray later this year which will link into the Greystones Way and enable a circular walk of about three to four hours. It is hoped that the new route will eventually connect to the Vartry Reservoir walks at Roundwood and the Wicklow Way.

Greystones Municipal District Councillors allocated their tourism budget for two years to develop this walk.

2023 Road Works 

Department of Transport Tourism and Sport Funded Schemes

Restoration Improvement Schemes

  1. R761 - Kilcoole Road - €190,000 - Contractor appointed
  2. L1205 - Cliff Road - €200,000 - Tendered
  3. L5027 - Priory Road - €205,000 - Contractor appointed
  4. L12125 - Burnaby Heights - €130,750 - Contractor appointed
  5. L10274 - Bellevue Lawns - €40,000 - Contractor appointed
  6. L50503 - Horsefield - €22,500 - Contractor appointed

Restoration Maintenance Schemes

  1. R772 - Killadreenan - €41,000 - Dropped
  2. L1039 - Tooman Road - €23,500 - Dropped
  3. L5050 - Church Road, Newcastle - €16,500 - Dropped

Bridge Maintenance

None in 2023

Drainage Works

  1. Glen Road, Delgany - €40,000 - Completed
  2. Convent Road, Delgany - €50,000 - Designed to be tendered
  3. Church Road/Mill Road/Victoria Road, Greystones - €19,500 - Designed to be tendered

Safety Improvement Works

None awarded in 2023

Local Improvement Scheme

To be confirmed

National Transport Authority Funded Works

NTA Active Travel Measures

1.WCC/20/0004 - Greystones Local Transport Plan - €30,000

2.WCC/21/0004 - Delgany Village Accessibility Scheme - €350,000

3.WCC/21/0012 - Greystones Active Travel - Pathfinder Project - €1,500,000

4.WCC/21/0024 - Lower Kindlestown Road Cycle Scheme - €10,000

5.WCC/22/0003 - Convent Road Active Travel Scheme - €40,000

6.WCC/22/0013 - Kilcoole Road Pedestrian and Cyclist Improvements - €300,000

7.WCC/22/0015 - Killincarrig Village Enhancement Scheme - €240,000

8.WCC/23/xxxx - Priory Road Footpath - €50,000

9.WCC/23/xxxx - Safe Routes To Schools Round 1: St. Kevin's NS - €100,000

10.WCC/23/xxxx - Safe Routes To Schools Round 2: Gaelscoil na gCloch Liath - €20,000

11.WCC/23/xxxx - Safe Routes To Schools Round 2: Greystones Educate Together - €20,000

12.WCC/23/xxxx - Safe Routes To Schools Round 2: Templecarrig School - €20,000

Greystones Municipal District Discretionary Funded Schemes

  1. Killincarrig Village Renewal Scheme:  Funding received from the National Transport Authority for 2023.  Part 8 advertised in December 2022.
  2. Municipal District to make proposals for 2023 funding.  The following schemes are proposed:                 (a) Public Lighting at The Pigs Hollow.  Agreement with the Golf Club in place.  Lighting design being prepared by Public Lighting Section.  Sample light received and to be erected as a trial.                             (b) Footpath replacement at Seaview, Kilcoole.  Works completed.  Total Cost: €104,240.

Footpath Renewal Works

1. Seaview, Kilcoole - Commenced 28/03/23.  Footpath works and road surfacing completed - Total Cost: €104,240.10.

Climate Adaption Measures

None awarded in 2023

Outdoor Recreation Improvement Schemes

  1. Cliff Walk Protection Scheme - €198,000 - subject to legal agreements
  2. Three Trout Green Route - €45,000 to procure consultants to design 2 bridges over the Three Trout stream at key locations
  3. Bright Light Blueway - €554,820 - overall scheme allocation, part of which is allocated for a boardwalk along the south beach, Greystones.  Tender awarded.  Part 8 approved.  Contract to start 26th June 2023.

Other Works

  1. Permanent works to Applewood Heights upper entrance - includes planting of 30 apple trees.
  2. Beechdale - Planting 6 trees alongside stream at new footpath link to the R761 via The Willows.
  3. Provision of drop kerb footpath road crossing points in Applewood Heights.

Chapel Road Scheme Update

Work continues, as resources allow, in the preparation of the tender document to allow the Council to tender for construction services,.  Some of the next steps, once updated business case is approved, are as follows:

  • Review tender documents and make any changes that are necessary
  • Tender for construction
  • Appoint a suitably qualified contractor
  • Issue the Notices to Treat and formally engage with all landowners subject to the Compulsory Purchase Order.
  • Tender and appoint Consultants to oversee the construction of the project - this will include the appointments of ER and RE staff.

As the scheme estimate is in excews of €10 million a Strategic Assessment Report is reqired and is currently being compiled.