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Fire Safety Certificates

How to apply for a Fire Safety Certificate, which is needed before building works proceed.

A Fire Certificate is granted after plans and specifications of a building are assessed by a fire officer for compliance with building regulations.

Four different types of application exist:

  • Fire Safety Certificate application
  • 7 Day Notice application
  • Revised Fire Safety Certificate application
  • Regularisation Certificate application

In order to facilitate the efficient and effective processing of Fire Safety Certificates, please be advised that a Disability Access Certificate will also be required to be submitted at same time.

Any queries in connection with Fire Safety Certificates should be forwarded to firehead@wicklowcoco.ie or by phoning (01) 2117600.


The schedule of fees is set out in the PDF below. Copies of granted Fire Certificates cost €12.50.

  1. Schedule of Fees for Fire Safety Certs

    File type .pdf

  2. Application for a Standard Fire Safety Certificate

    File type .pdf

7 Day Notice

A 7 Day Notice should be submitted to a building control authority where it is proposed to commence work before the granting of the relevant fire safety certificate. This notice shall be submitted not less than seven days in advance of commencement of work.

A commencement notice shall not be required in respect of works or a building in respect of which a 7 Day Notice is required.

Revised Fire Safety Certificate

A Revised Fire Safety Certificate shall be required in respect of works:

  • Where the original application for a Fire Safety Certificate was submitted prior to the grant of planning permission, if necessitated by the subsequent grant of such planning permission, or
  • Where significant revision is made to the design or works of a building or an extension of, a material alteration to or a material change of use of a building in respect of which a Fire Safety Certificate has been granted by a building control authority

Where a Revised Fire Safety Certificate is required in respect of all works or building, a person shall not carry out such works or make a material change of use as regards such a building:

  • In the absence of a Revised Fire Safety Certificate in respect of the works or building, or
  • In contravention of any conditions subject to which the certificate is granted

Regularisation Certificate

Where works have commenced or completed in respect of the construction of a building or an extension of or a material alteration to a building without a Fire Safety Certificate or the submission of a 7 Day Notice, an application should be submitted to a building control authority for a Regularisation Certificate.

Note: If you are planning on submitting a Regularisation Certificate application, please contact a fire officer beforehand on (01) 211 7600, for details on our requirements.