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Trade Plates

How to apply for Trade Plates, dealer plates issued to motor traders for their car stock.

Trade Plates are special registration plates obtained by motor traders/repairers. They are basically dealer plates issued to motor traders in order to transport vehicles on the road that may not yet have been registered or taxed. The uses of these plates by motor traders/repairers are restricted to legitimate uses in connection with the motor trade, eg not used before 6am or after 10pm. They are issued for a period of one calendar year. All Trade Plates are issued with effect from 1 January and expire on 31 December in the same year. Any Trade Plate issued after January will still expire on 31 December.

How to apply for Trade Plates

  • Form RF700 must be completed
  • Garage Code or Motor Dealer Identity Number must be given, this code is obtained from VRU, Shannon, by the motor trader
  • VAT number must be included on the form. If not registered for VAT, your PPSN number must be used
  • Rate Account Number or Planning Permission Number and date permission granted or evidence of planning permission
  • Application must be accompanied by motor trader insurance policy

If applying for a second set of plates the garage must prove they are necessary, ie prove increased usage

For motor cycles one set of Trade Plates consists of one plate. For all other vehicles one set of Trade Plates consists of two plates, ie one for the front and one for the rear of the vehicle.

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