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Skilled Workforce

One of the biggest attractions of County Wicklow is its highly skilled workforce, perfect for growing businesses.

Skilled Workforce

Wicklow has a talented pool of labour and a highly skilled workforce. University College Dublin, the largest university in the country, and Carlow Institute of Technology are located in close proximity and provide talented graduates in a diverse range of sectors. Wicklow County Campus, a unique venture developed in conjunction with the IT Carlow, offers higher education and enterprise development courses on a single campus in the county at Rathnew with a specific enterprise/research and development focus.

Outside of Dublin, Wicklow ranked first for the highest proportion (21%) of population for educational attainment (Degree, Post grad, PhD). As outbound commuters account for 44% of the workforce, there is significant opportunity for businesses establishing in Co. Wicklow to tap into a highly qualified professional labour force seeking to work locally.

Source: Wicklow Economic and Community Monitor 2016