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Wicklow County Council understands that this is a very difficult time for all and that some Council and HAP/RAS tenants will be experiencing reduction in income, which will impact on their ability to keep up with household bills, including rent.

If you have experienced such a reduction, please do not hesitate to submit your details, (by email, photo, scan) and your rent will be reviewed in this context.  Every effort should be made to pay current rent to avoid build up of arrears for the future.  You should note that delays in relcalculating your rent should be expected given current staff pressures, however any adjustment will be backdated accordingly.

Please attach as much documentation & information to the relevant email below. (RAS, Rental Accomodation Scheme ) (HAP, Housing Assistance Payments) (All Local Authority Housing)

Wicklow County Council will continue to work with you to do everything possible to assist you through these changing times.



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