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Information about wetlands in Co. Wicklow, including access to the 2012 Wicklow Wetland Survey.

Wetlands were identified in the Wicklow Biodiversity Plan as a vulnerable habitat in Wicklow for which little information exists. A phase 1 study of wetlands in Co. Wicklow carried out in 2011 resulted in the generation of a preliminary GIS-based wetland map for the county, identifying for the first time known wetland sites and potential wetland areas. A phase 2 survey in 2012, called the Wicklow Wetland Survey, generated records for 55 additional sites. The sites selected for survey were those most likely to contain notable wetland habitats including transition mire, bog, fen and wet heaths, as well as potential breeding sites for marsh fritillary butterfly. This information is a valuable resource when it comes to making land-use decisions, and will be of use for landowners and for community-based groups looking to develop local sites for recreational amenity. Visit Wetland of Ireland GIS Map to view the results of the surveys to date.

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