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Traveller Accommodation

Details of Wicklow County Council's policy regarding Traveller accommodation within the county.

Wicklow County Council is responsible for the housing needs of the Travelling community within its functional area and has adopted a Traveller Accommodation Programme 2014-2018.

With regards to existing sites such as Silverbridge, Ballinteskin, Rocky Valley and Windgates, it is proposed to improve the living accommodation and facilities onsite. This will be subject to the relevant funding being available from the Department of the Environment Heritage and Local Government.

Local Authority Traveller Accommodation Programmes 2014-2018

The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 requires each local authority to draw up, adopt and implement five-year rolling accommodation programmes to accelerate the provision of accommodation for Travellers.

The programmes have been operating since 2000, with the fourth round of programmes adopted in 2014 to run from 2014-2018.

Section 7 (4) of the Act provides that the adoption, amendment or replacement of an accommodation programmes is a reserved function. This means that it is a function that is carried out by the elected councillors.

These programmes set out the targets for the accommodation needs under the Social Housing Needs Assessment.

Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committees

The Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998 provides the statutory basis for the formation, remit, and membership of Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committees (LTACCs).

Under the Act an LTACC may:

  • advise in relation to the preparation and implementation of any accommodation programmer for the functional area of the appointing authority concerned
  • advise on the management of accommodation for Travellers
  • provide a liaison between Travellers and members and officials of the appointing authority concerned.

Wicklow Traveller Accommodation Plan 2014-2018

The Traveller Accommodation Plan 2014-2018 has been adopted by Wicklow County Council. This Plan was adopted by the Traveller Accommodation Committee, and the Council, in conjunction with the Committee, continues to implement the objectives of the Plan. The Committee is chaired by Councillor Nicola Lawless and the current members are drawn from officials and elected representatives from Wicklow Co Council as well as Representatives from the Bray and Wicklow Travellers Development Network.