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Music Generation in Wicklow Libraries

An initiative between Music Generation Wicklow & Wicklow Libraries to provide musical instruments for hire to junior Wicklow library members.

Music Generation Wicklow and Wicklow Libraries have launched an initiative to provide musical instruments for loan to children up to the age of 18 for a period of six months at a time – the aim is to allow children to try out the instrument of their choice without having to pay full price for it!

How to borrow an instrument:

  • See the full list of instruments, associated costs and the terms and conditions of borrowing below
  • Contact Arklow or Blessington Library to see if the instrument is still available
  • Download an instrument application form below. Fill this out and send it back to the library via email or post (FAO Music Instrument Rental)
  • Complete a rental agreement signed by the borrower and parents/guardians in the library
  • Pay a deposit which is refundable if the instrument is returned in good condition
  • Pay the fee for six months rental per the fee chart below
  • Borrowers must be accompanied by a parent /guardian in order to borrow an instrument




Rental & deposit fees for six months:

Instrument Rate Deposit
Violin or Viola - Various sizes €20 €20
Cello - Various sizes €40 €50
Acoustic Guitar - Various sizes €20 €20
Electric Guitar & small amp €20 €30
Bass Guitar Plus small amp €40 €50
Mandolin €20 €20
Banjo €20 €30
Beginner Clarinet €20 €20
Elkhard Clarinet BP €20 €20
Beginner Flute €20 €20
Concertina  €20 €20
Accordian €25 €50
Saxophone Alto €30 €40
Sax Tenor €40 €70
Student Trumpet  €20 €20
Student Trombone €30 €30
Uilleann Pipes €60 €100
Keyboard & stand €40 €50
Guitar Amp Roland Cube-80GX €20* €30
Bass Amp Hartke HD50 €20* €30
Harp €60 €100

*Guitar amp Roland Cube and Bass Amp can be rented for short term, i.e. a specified number of days for a performance or recording session, so rental/deposit rates may vary.

Download an Instrument Application Form.

  1. Musical Instrument Rental Agreement Form

    File type .pdf