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Individual Water Grants

Grants are available for households dependent on private individual water supplies.

Subject to a number of conditions, there is a grant available to assist households that are dependent on private individual water supplies to (a) provide a piped water supply for domestic use or (b) improve on existing individual supply where the water is deficient in either quantity or quality (this includes a pump replacement in a bored well)

A private individual water supply means a water supply that serves only one house.


  • The house must be constructed for over seven years
  • A water supply grant cannot have been paid within the last seven years
  • The house concerned must be the normal place of residence of the applicant
  • The house cannot be connected to a public water supply or group water supply
  • A grant cannot be paid if the area in which the house is located is or is about to be served by a public water supply or group scheme

Qualifying works

  • Drilling or commissioning a new well
  • Rehabilitating an existing well (deepening or relining)
  • Providing or upgrading a supply of water from a surface water source
  • Providing filters where the water supply does not meet the EU drinking water quality standard
  • Constructing or improving a pump house, electrical works and any ancillary works that are required to improve the water supply


  • The cost of the approved works must be over €634.87
  • Works must be carried out by competent contractors who must have either an up to date C2 or Tax Clearance Certificate
  • The maximum grant payable is €2,058.31 or 75% of the cost of the work, whichever is the lesser figure
  • Works carried out before a prior inspection by the council do not qualify for a grant