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Individual Water Grants

Where households cannot connect to a mains supply grants are available to facilitate the provision of a potable water supply that is reliable, clean and safe.

Grants are available to private individual water supplies and the level of a grant is determined by the type of improvement works being undertaken and shall not exceed the following amounts:

(a) (i) 85% of the approved costs for rehabilitation works, subject to a maximum of €3,000.  For example replacement of a pump;


(ii) 85% of the approved costs for the provision of a new well, subject to a maximum of €5,000 (where the housing authority agrees that this is the most appropriate solution);

(b) 100% of the approved costs for works that, in the opinion of the housing authority, are necessary to treat the water to meet the water quality standards specified in the Regulations, subject to a maximum grant of €1,000.  Examples of such treatments are filtration or Ultra Violet treatment.


Important: A private individual water supply means a water supply that serves only one house.


  • The house must be fully constructed for over seven years
  • A water supply grant cannot have been paid within the last seven years
  • The house concerned must be the normal place of residence of the applicant
  • The house cannot be connected to a public water supply or group water supply
  • A grant cannot be paid if the area in which the house is located is or is about to be served by a public water supply or group scheme

Qualifying works

  • Drilling or commissioning a new well
  • Rehabilitating an existing well (deepening or relining)
  • Providing or upgrading a supply of water from a surface water source
  • Providing filters where the water supply does not meet the EU drinking water quality standard
  • Constructing or improving a pump house, electrical works and any ancillary works that are required to improve the water supply


  • The cost of the approved works must be over €750.00
  • Works must be carried out by competent contractors who must have either an up to date C2 or Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Three quotes must be obtained for all works
  • A grant has not been paid for the provision or improvement of the water supply to the house under the scheme within the previous seven years
  • Please read the Terms & Conditions for full details.