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Boiler Repairs

Key advice, FAQs and information on gas boiler repair and servicing for social housing tenants.

Wicklow County Council arranges to have all gas installations safety checked and gas boilers serviced on an annual basis by registered gas installers (RGII contractors). There is no charge to the tenant for this. The Council keeps track of when boilers were last serviced.

Tenants should ensure that they have sufficient credit on their gas meter at the time the RGI visits the house. No gas supply means no service can be carried out. However, an Annex E safety check will still be carried out.

The Council does not supply tenants with gas fires, gas cookers or any other gas appliance apart from gas boilers. We do not service cookers or fires but, if present, they will be safety checked at the time the gas boiler is serviced. Any defects or safety issues found during these safety checks on cookers or fires are the responsibility of the tenant to rectify.


My gas meter was disconnected some time ago due to non-payment of the gas bill. How do I get reconnected?

If a tenant’s gas supply and meter has been disconnected due to non-payment of the bill or any other reason such as at their own request, Gas Networks Ireland will not re-connect them without an RGII Cert 1. It is the tenant’s responsibility to obtain this cert. The tenant will need to engage an RGII-registered contractor to inspect the gas installation and to issue RGII Cert 1. Contractors will charge the tenant for this service and the charge may be significant.

The Council had my boiler serviced recently and I also have a gas cooker that is supplied via an orange coloured rubber hose running through a hole in the wall to a gas bottle outside. The Council’s contractor issued me with a Notification of Hazard. What does this mean?

As part of the safety checks mentioned above, which the RGI carried out when servicing the boiler, he discovered a hazard (in this case, as an example, associated with the way your cooker is connected to the gas bottle (butane cylinder). The Notification of Hazard was issued to warn you, the tenant, that this set-up is unsafe and that you, the tenant, need to get it rectified.

Any Notification of Hazard issued in relation to a gas boiler will be dealt with by the Council but cookers and fires are the tenant’s responsibility.

I want to change from a bill pay meter to a pre-paid gas meter.

You need to contact your gas supplier. The gas supplier will charge you for switching to a pre-paid meter. Wicklow County Council will not pay it.

Gas Emergency Telephone Number

If you smell gas in the house, then call the 24-hour gas emergency service on :

Phone: 1850 20 50 50
This service is provided by Gas Networks Ireland