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Our Cultural Heritage

Find out about Co. Wicklow's rich and varied cultural heritage.

Cultural Heritage refers to the interaction of people with the landscape from generation to generation, and includes archaeological sites and monuments, heritage objects and intangible heritage in the form of customs, oral history, art and folklore.

Our Wicklow Heritage

Our Wicklow Heritage (OWH) is the online community heritage archive for Co. Wicklow, providing a platform for the storing and sharing of information about Wicklow's cultural heritage to a global audience. Community archives provide an opportunity for individuals within a community to present information that they have researched and collected in digital format, ie online, and to share this with a wider global audience. OWH is co-ordinated by the Wicklow Heritage Forum and is a member of the Irish Community of Archive Network (ICAN).

County Wicklow Heritage Plan

The County Wicklow Heritage Plan sets out a framework strategy for the management of natural and cultural heritage in Co. Wicklow over a five-year period.

Archaeological sites

Archaeological sites are protected through the provisions of the National Monuments Acts. To find out more about archaeological sites in Wicklow visit

Wicklow archaeology and history publications

The Heritage Office, through the actions of the County Wicklow Heritage Plan, has produced a number of publications on the archaeology and history of Wicklow.