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Biodiversity Plan

Information on the Wicklow Biodiversity Action Plan 2010-2015, including access to the plan itself.

Short for biological diversity, biodiversity refers to the variety of all life on the planet, including wildlife, humans, crops, agricultural stock and even our pets. Put simply, biodiversity sustains all living things and is fundamental to our physical and economic wellbeing; providing us with food, fuels, medicines and building materials, while the processes of biodiversity help to provide fresh air, clean water, control of pests and diseases, pollination of crops and stabilisation of soil. In addition, biodiversity and landscape are integrally linked and reflect a great deal of our history and culture, inspiring artists, attracting tourists, and providing endless scope for outdoor recreation. The importance, therefore, of having a healthy biodiversity cannot be overstated.

The Wicklow Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) 2010-2015 describes the biodiversity of Co. Wicklow and sets out a strategy for increasing our understanding and appreciation of this along with measures for enhancing the protection of this valuable resource. The actions in the BAP will continue to be implemented beyond its five-year timescale as part of ongoing implementation of the County Wicklow Heritage Plan.