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Forms relating to the use, development and maintenance of roads.

Abnormal Load Permit Form

Any operator who wants to transport a vehicle or load that falls outside of the limits allowed by the Road Traffic Regulations 2003 must obtain a permit for its movement. 

€60 - Once-Off (single or return journey)

€200 - 3 months

€300 - 6 months

€500 - 12 months

Further Details
For more details visit the Road Safety Authority website

Road Closure Application Form

The applicant(s) will be responsible for reimbursing Wicklow County Council for the costs associated with placing statutory advertisements.

Road Opening Licence 

New National Road Licensing Procedures

Maproad Roadworks Licensing (MRL)

The national online road opening system, MapRoad Roadworks Licensing (MRL), will be in operation in Wicklow County Council for all applicants from 1st May 2018 in accordance with the guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads (Purple Book: April 2017). Paper based applications will no longer be accepted after 1st May 2018. 

The MapRoad Licensing system is managed and facilitated by the Road Management Office (RMO) and licences will be issued through the online system by Wicklow County Council. 


It should be noted that in accordance with section 5.4 of the Guidelines, all licence holders registering on the MRL system are undertaking to have personnel trained as follows during 2018:

  • Basic Level Trench Reinstatement Course (2 Day)
  • Advanced Level Trench Reinstatement (1 Day)

Courses are available through the LASNTG 

Support and Information   

The Road Management Office provides registration and support to users of the MRL system.

The following information and support is available on the RMO website ( ):

The Guidelines: 

Registration on MRL:

Access to MRL:

User Guides:

RMO support for MRL:

For New Registrations : 

For MRL Users : 

Roads in Charge Request Form

There is a standard application fee of €60 for each Road in Charge request. A clear map identifying the area and property must be submitted with each application.


Applications received in 2019 have been retained for inclusion in any further funding which may be received. 

Application to use Bus - Coach Stops

Since 1 February 2013 Wicklow County Council has been responsible for the issuing and renewing of approval for the use of bus stops, whether existing or proposed.  This is in accordance with SI 12 of 2013 and Section 16 of the Road Traffic Act 2002.  Section 16 transfers the responsibilities for the location of bus stops from An Garda Síochána to the Local Authorities.

Consequently, on receipt of a formal offer of a bus route from the National Transport Authority (NTA), a bus/coach operator must also get approval from the relevant local authority for the use of a particular bus/coach stop location, whether this stop is existing or proposed.

Along with a copy of the formal offer of a bus route from the National Transport Authority (NTA), the bus/coach operator must send a request in writing for the particular bus stop location to Wicklow County Council as follows:

By post to:  Transportation, Water & Emergency Services, Wicklow County Council, County Buildings, Wicklow, Co Wicklow

Or via email (please attach a cover letter) to:

The bus stop application will be assessed against a number of criteria such as safety, connectivity, existing public transport services, quality of footpaths etc.  Based on the submitted information, a decision will be made to accept, amend or reject the bus stop application.  Please note that processing time for applications may take up to a maximum of 4 weeks.

Wicklow County Council will issue the decision letter by email to the NTA and to the bus/coach operator.

Useful Information

Hackney Licence