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Abnormal Loads

Typr of Permit Required:

  • One off (Single outward/ Return Journey)€60
  • Quarterly (with Restrictions) €200
  • Half- Year (with Restrictions) €300
  • Yearly (with Restrictions) €500

With effect from Monday 16th August, 2021, the applicant must contact TII’s Motorway Traffic Control Centre on email a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the journey, where the load width is greater than 3m, to obtain clearance to travel on the Motorway/ National Dual Carriageway Network.

The Motorway Traffic Control Centre will confirm if any roadworks are planned along the route that will impact the abnormal load journey

Community Involvement Scheme

This scheme relates to public roads only. 

This scheme encourages a joint approach between the Council and groups of local residents and landowners for the restoration of roads, mainly local or cul de sac roads. The CIS will be based on community contributions, details of which are contained in the application form.

Local Improvement Scheme

This scheme relates to private roads only.  

Eligible projects are those which provide access to parcels of land of which at least two are owned or occupied by different persons engaged in separate agricultural activities, or provides access for harvesting purposes (including turf or seaweed) for two or more persons or shall in the opinion of the county council be used by the public.
The following projects do not comply with the conditions of the Scheme:-

  • a)    roads serving only houses or buildings occupied or used by persons not engaged in agriculture.
  • b)    roads serving only Local Authority cottages, i.e. non-vested cottages.
  • c)    roads or drains on bogs being developed commercially for large scale turf production for sale.
  • d)    drainage only works
  • e)    A road leading to commercial enterprises.

The scale of residents’ contribution ranges from 10% to 15%.  There is a cap of €1,200 on the amount that any individual householder or landowner will be asked to contribute towards the cost of repairs.

 The work must be for the joint benefit of two or more adjoining farms, and the benefit to be derived must be reasonably commensurate with the cost.

Roads and Services in Charge

If you need a letter stating that roads and services are in the charge of Wicklow County Council you should write to the Council’s Roads Department, County Buildings, Wicklow or email

  • (a) €60 fee made payable to Wicklow County Council
  • (b) A legible Ordnance Survey or Land Registry Map with the road you are inquiring about clearly highlighted.

Please provide a site location Map to a scale of 1:10560 or similar to assist in locating the property. (i.e. a Map showing the property in question in relation to the nearest landmark, Village or Town). Please refrain from highlighting the road/s being queried in yellow as official rights of way are also marked in yellow on the Landdirect Mapping and these may not be in the charge of Wicklow County Council.

From the 1st January, 2023 all solicitors queries within the county will be dealt with by the Roads Section in Wicklow County Council.  

Application for Road Closure (temporary)

The application must be submitted to Wicklow County Council, County Buildings, Wicklow, or to a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the proposed road closure. 

A traffic management plan along with a copy of public liability insurance should be submitted with the application.

Road Opening Licence - Maproad Roadworks Licensing (MRL)

The national online road opening system, MapRoad Roadworks Licensing (MRL), will be in operation in Wicklow County Council for all applicants from 1st May 2018 in accordance with the guidelines for Managing Openings in Public Roads (Purple Book: April 2017). Paper based applications will no longer be accepted after 1st May 2018. 

The MapRoad Licensing system is managed and facilitated by the Road Management Office (RMO) and licences will be issued through the online system by Wicklow County Council. 

Hackney Licence

Information in relation to a hackey licence can be found on the NTA website 

Related Documents

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  1. Local Area Hackney Application Form

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Application for Bus - Coach Stops

Since 1 February 2013 Wicklow County Council has been responsible for the issuing and renewing of approval for the use of bus stops, whether existing or proposed.  This is in accordance with SI 12 of 2013 and Section 16 of the Road Traffic Act 2002.  Section 16 transfers the responsibilities for the location of bus stops from An Garda Síochána to the Local Authorities.