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Swimming Pool Safety

Tips and guidelines on staying safe while having fun at the swimming pool.

Swimming pools can be great fun, but always keep safety in mind. Follow these guidelines to ensure you stay safe while having fun.

  • Do not dive or “bomb” into shallow water
  • Check for signs showing the depth of the pool at shallow, middle and deep end
  • Don’t be a bully and watch out for and be careful of younger children in the pool
  • Obey all the pool safety signs
  • An adult should always supervise/mind young children at the pool or the beach /river or lake etc.
  • Do not dive in/jump/”bomb” on top of others in the pool
  • Watch out in case there is no proper barrier between the kiddies' pool and the main pool
  • Check if there is a lifeguard on duty
  • Watch out for sudden drops/changes in the floor level of the pool
  • Do not go for a swim soon after eating your meal
  • Beware of wet and slippery tiles and floors - do not run!
  • Do not swim if the water looks discoloured or murky
  • Listen to the instructions of the lifeguard
  • Adults should supervise and not allow young children escape from shower/changing rooms back into the pool area on their own