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Transportation, Water & Emergency Services

Members of Wicklow County Council's Transportation, Water & Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee.

The SPCs assist the council in the formulation, development and review of policy. The Council is and remains the decision making authority and it is the task of the SPCs, as committees of the Council, to advise and assist the council in its work. The SPC system is intended to give elected members and relevant sectoral interests an opportunity for full involvement in the policy making process of the Council from the early stages. Sectoral representation is drawn from business, farming interests, environmental/conservation groups, trade unions and community and voluntary members through the PPN. Following the annual meeting and in an election year a new SPC scheme is prepared for adoption by the elected members. There are 6 Strategic Policy Committees operational in Wicklow County Council.

Below is a list of the current members of Wicklow County Council's Transportation, Water and Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee:

5 Elected Members:

  • Councillor Derek Mitchell 
  • Councillor Pat Fitzgerald - Chair 2022 
  • Councillor Joe Behan
  • Councillor Irene Winters
  • Councillor Vincent Blake

Membership from External Sectors:

  1. Environment/Conservation - Julia Glass to be replaced by Eanna Gallagher Sept 22.        
  2. Agriculture/Farming Community - Pat Dunne
  3. Development/Construction (CIF) - Tomas Peare
  4. Trade Union - Margaret Coughlan
  5. Business/Commercial (Chambers) - Donal Murray