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About Roads & Transport


The aim of the Roads & Transport division is to promote and facilitate the provision of all transport in an integrated manner and so to foster social and economic development, having regard to environmental considerations, sustainable development and social inclusion and health and safety.

Under the Roads Act 1993, public roads are classified as National, Regional or Local. However, not all public roads are 'in the charge' of the local authorities. Some roads may have public right of way access over them but are still classified as private roads and are therefore maintained privately.

Roads that are in the charge of the local authority and thereby maintained by the local authority are classified either as National Roads, Regional Roads or Local Roads depending on their strategic importance in terms of being arterial routes between centres of high population, regionally important routes or simply local traffic routes.

The Minister for Transport  is empowered to declare roads to be National or Regional Roads. The remaining roads are Local Roads, which are in the remit of the Road Authority to classify. Generally speaking the Road Authority, in this instance, is the County Council, but from 1 June 2014, with the abolition of town councils and the creation of new Municipal districts, all Town Council roads are under the jurisdiction of Wicklow County Council.