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N11/M11 Junction 4 to 14 Improvement Scheme

The N11/M11 Junction 4 to Junction 14 Improvement Scheme (hereafter referred to as the N11/M11 Scheme) is a transportation project aimed at alleviating congestion, improving safety and optimising the efficiency and function of the N11/M11 as a transport corridor. 

The N11/M11 route is comprised partly of motorway, dual carriageway and single carriageway sections over a distance of approximately 126km, connecting Dublin in the east of the county to Wexford in the south east, where the route terminates.

The section under consideration for this commission, i.e. the N11/M11 Scheme, is approximately 22km in length, extending from the existing M11/M50 junction west of Shankill, Co. Dublin, to the N11/M11 junction at Coyne’s Cross, Co. Wicklow.

This section traverses two Local Authority boundaries, Wicklow County Council (WCC) and Dún Laoghaire – Rathdown County Council (DLRCC). A Section 85 agreement has been entered into by both local authorities, which appoints WCC as the Lead Local Authority and Sponsoring Agency of the project. Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) are the Sanctioning Authority and Kildare National Roads Office (KNRO) is responsible for project management and delivery. In November 2018, Wicklow County Council appointed Arup as technical consultants to progress the project through the planning and design phases (Phase 1 – 4) of the TII Project Management Guidelines (PMG).

The scheme has been identified in Project Ireland 2040 as one of the 20 priority National Roads to be progressed in order to enable the continued economic development of the state. The scheme has also been identified in relevant regional and local planning policy.

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