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Speed Limits Appeals Procedure

Wicklow County Council is currently undertaking a review of its Speed Limits which were adopted on the 2nd October 2017.  The Speed Limit Appeals Procedure will not come into effect until the review has been completed.  

The Speed Limit Appeals Procedure introduces a process whereby a member of the public can object to and appeal an existing speed limit contained within a Local Authority’s current Special Speed Limit Bye-laws.  

This procedure is intended to facilitate a legitimate query that a member of the public or interested party may have regarding a particular speed limit. The procedure is also intended to expedite the process of reviewing speed limit queries raised between full Local Authority speed limit reviews, which can typically be up to five years.  ​

PLEASE NOTE:  This procedure is NOT a mechanism for appealing penalties issued for speeding offences and any applications received through this process relating to same will not be processed and will not be acknowledged.