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About the Regional Spatial & Economic Plan

Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy 2019 - 2031.

County Wicklow is part of the Eastern and Midlands Regional Assembly (EMRA). The EMRA are currently drafting the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy.

Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies are to support the implementation of the National Planning Framework and the economic policies and objectives of the Government by providing a long-term strategic planning and economic framework for the development of the region for which the strategies are prepared which shall be consistent with the National Planning Framework and the economic policies or objectives of the Government.

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Prior to the establishment of the EMRA, Wicklow was part of the Mid-East Regional Authority with the Regional Planning Guidelines for the Greater Dublin Area 2010 - 2022 in place.

Current Status: The proposed material amendments will be on display during the period 15th March 2019 to 12th April 2019 during which period submissions can be made to the regional assembly. Further information can be found here