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Quarry Register

Download the Quarry Register, including details of the once-off registration process in 2004.

In 2004, Section 261 of the Planning and Development Act 2000 introduced a once-off system of registration for all quarries, except those for which planning permission was granted in the previous five years.

Under the registration system, quarry operators were required to supply full details of their operations to the planning authority. This information had to be submitted by 27 April 2005.

Following the registration of the quarry, the planning authority could:

  • Impose conditions on the operation of a pre-1964 quarry (Planning system in Ireland commenced on 1 October 1964. Quarries operating prior to this date did not require planning permission)
  • Require the quarry operator to apply for planning permission in certain circumstances
  • Restate, modify or add to conditions on the operation of a quarry that had received planning permission more than 5 years ago from April 2004

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