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Planning Enforcement

Information on the Enforcement Section in Wicklow County Council's Planning and Development Department.

The functions of the Enforcement Section within the Planning and Development Department at Wicklow County Council include:

  • Implementing Part VIII (Enforcement) of the Planning and Development Act 2000
  • Monitoring the development of residential projects in compliance with Section 180 of the above Act for the purposes of taking in charge of such developments by Wicklow County Council
  • Managing commencement notices in accordance with the Building Control Act 1990 and the associated building regulations

Unauthorised development may be defined as development carried out without or not in accordance with the required planning permission. All complaints relating to unauthorised development must be made in writing and addressed to the enforcement officer. All complaints are kept confidential.

All complaints must be dealt with in accordance with Part VIII of the Planning and Development Act 2000. A letter must issue within six weeks of the complaint being received, advising the person carrying out the development that the development is unauthorised. As soon as may be after the issuing of the letter, the planning authority must carry out an inspection/investigation and determine whether or not to serve an Enforcement Notice. This decision must be taken within 12 weeks of the issue of the Warning Letter. If the development being carried out is serious, the planning authority can decide to issue an Enforcement Notice initially rather than issuing the letter.

In accordance with the provisions of PART VIII (Enforcement) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended), copies of any respective Warning Letters and Enforcement Notices issued under particular planning enforcement files will be forwarded to complainant parties thereon.

Planning Enforcement Complaint Form

  1. Planning Enforcement Complaint Form

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