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Marine Notice No. 6 of 2021 - Danger to Swimmers

Monday 17 May 2021

Marine Notice No. 6 of 2021 - Danger to Swimmers

Wicklow Harbour, Chart No. 633, 1121, 1411, 1468

To all ship owners, shipmasters, agents, fishing vessels, pleasure craft users, harbour users, seafarers and fishery organisations.

Danger to Swimmers


Further to Marine Notices No.13 of 2019 and No.11 of 2020, please be advised that another incident occurred on Sunday 16th May, in which a lone swimmer endangered his own life and caused a high level of concern on board a cargo ship.  The swimmer was well outside the Designated Bathing Area, in the path of an eighty nine metre long vessel, with a draft of 4.9 metres.  Such vessels are not capable of stopping or changing direction quickly, and must retain their course and speed in order to safely arrive at the Packet Pier.

To swim in close proximity to a large vessel could result in death or injury from collision, interaction with propulsion systems such as propulsion nozzles, propellers, bow thrusters, or sea water suction intakes.

Swimmers are hereby instructed to swim only in the Designated Bathing Area, which is an ‘L’ shaped area running from the inside of the North Pier to the end of the beach by the Dortek building, delineated by six yellow marker buoys.  Swimmers who move outside this area do so at their own risk.


Paul Ivory,

Senior Marine Officer,

Wicklow County Council.

0404 67455

087 0575938

17th May 2021