Bogus Collectors

Illegal ‘DOOR–2–DOOR’ collection of Waste and Old Clothing

It has come to the attention of the Council’s Environmental Department that a number of bogus waste collectors are operating in the County and have dropped ‘flyers’ into people’s letter boxes offering to collect waste e.g. domestic waste, clothing, hedge trimmings, grass cuttings, white goods etc for a nominal charge

The waste collected in this manner often ends up being dumped illegally on the roadside or in scenic areas around the County and, indeed, further afield.

The Public and the Business Community are advised that it is an offence to give waste to an unauthorised collector. Anybody giving waste to a bogus collector is liable for prosecution, along with the bogus collector.


Example of a waste collection permit

Waste must only be given to a collector who can produce a Waste Collection Permit issued by Wicklow County Council. This will be in the format of a laminated Identity Card and will give the following information, which can be confirmed by phoning the Waste Management Section of Wicklow County Council.

 The EPA have a comprehensive report on their website on The Nature and Extent of Unauthorised Waste Activity in Ireland.