Dog Control

Minister English urges dog owners to make sure their dogs don't get the chance to attack sheep

Responsible Dog Ownership

Keep your dog under control at all times (to prevent sheep worrying and nuisance – have consideration for others - Guide dogs, elderly, children etc. and keep your dog on a lead in a public place).

Make sure your dog has collar identification and a registered microchip (this will help re-unite you with your pet if he is lost or stolen).

  • Clean up after your dog if it fouls in a public place
  • Have your dog neutered unless you intend to breed from it
  • Buy an annual licence for your dog
  • Feed your dog according to its size, age, and lifestyle
  • Worm and de-flea your dog regularly
  • Exercise your dog regularly
  • Consider purchasing pet health insurance for your dog
  • Vaccinate your dog and have an annual veterinary check-up for your dog

Dog Licences

All dog owners must have a current dog license for each pet. Licenses are available from any Post Office at a cost of €20.

Lifetime licences (€140) and General Dog Licences (€400) are only available from the Water & Environmental Services Section, Wicklow County Council, County Buildings, Wicklow Town. Tel: 0404 20296 or

Lost and Found Dogs

If you have lost your dog or found a dog, please contact the dog pound.

ISPCA/Wicklow County Council Dog Pound
Co. Wicklow
Tel. 0404 44873

Phones will be manned during opening hours. There is an answer machine outside these hours. 

Dog Wardens

Opening hours of the Dog Pound

With effect from Monday 24th April 2017, the opening hours of the dog pound will be as follows:

Monday - Friday 11.00am - 12.30pm

Saturday 10.00am - 12.00 noon

Directions to Wicklow County Council Pound

Travelling Northbound on N11 from Arklow direction take left turn opposite Beehive Pub. Take the 3rd right turn on this road. Pound is on the right hand side of the road with a sign for “Sharpeshill” at gate.

Dogs for Rehoming

Please contact the pound directly if you wish to rehome a dog. Dogs for rehoming are also available on the following website.

General Information Wicklow Dog Pound


Statistical information for all Dog Pounds are available on Department of Environment website at

Statistics for Wicklow County for 2015 & 2016 to date are as follows:

5(a)   2015 Stray and Unwanted Dogs(including Lurchers and excluding Greyhounds) 
Stray: Relates to dogs picked up directly by a Warden, a member of the public or a dog dropped off to the pound.
Surrendered: Relates to dogs surrendered voluntarily by its owner/other(s)
Seized: Relates to dogs seized for breaches of Dog Control legislation (Section 16 or Section 22) or on foot of a court order
(i) Number of stray dogs in pound at 31/12/2014   6 (v)   Number of stray dogs reclaimed by their owners 60
(ii) Number of stray dogs entering pound of 2015 208 (vi)   Number of stray dogs rehomed 22
(iii) Number of dogs surrendered by owner entering pound in 2015 9 (vii)   Number of dogs transferred to Dog Welfare Groups 124
(iv) Number of dogs seized under Section 16 or Section 22 of the Act 0 (viii)   Number of dogs euthanized 11
      (ix)   Number of dogs dying from natural causes 0
  Sub-total of (i) to (iv): 223     Sub-total of (v) tp (ix): 217
(x) Number of stray dogs in pound at 31/12/2015         6

Please note: The total of (i) to (iv) minus the total of (v) to (ix) above must equal the total amount in box (x)

5(b)   Stray and Unwanted Greyhounds
"greyhound" meaning a dog (including a bitch) entered in the Irish Greyhound Stud Book or the pup of a greyhound dog and greyhound bitch so entered
(i) Number of greyhounds in pound at 31/12/2014   0 (v)   Number of greyhounds reclaimed by their owners 1
(ii) Number of stray greyhounds entering pound of 2015 3 (vi)   Number of greyhounds rehomed 0
(iii) Number of greyhounds surrendered by owner entering pound in 2015 0 (vii)   Number of greyhounds transferred to Dog Welfare Groups 2
(iv) Number of greyhounds seized under Section 16 or Section 22 of the Act 0 (viii)   Number of greyhounds euthanized 0
      (ix)   Number of greyhounds dying from natural causes 0
  Sub-total of (i) to (iv): 3     Sub-total of (v) tp (ix): 3
(x) Number of greyhounds in pound at 31/12/2015          

Please note: The total of (i) to (iv) minus the total of (v) to (ix) above must equal the total amount in box (x)

The percentage of dogs put to sleep in 2015 was 5% (4% in 2014, 10% in 2013, 15% in 2012, 28% in 2011, 44% in 2010) 

As per Public Register required under Control of Dogs Act
2016 Number of stray / surrendered dogs in pound at beginning of month No. of surrendered dogs No. of stray dogs Total No. of stray dogs reclaimed by owner No. of stray / surrendered dogs rehomed No. of dogs PTS Stray collected by Warder - died No. of stray /surrendered dogs in pound at end of month Total
January 6 1 14 21 2 13 0   6 21
February 6 1 17 24 2 12 4   6 24
March 6 0 14 20 1 9 3   7 20
April 7 1 14 22 3 10 0   9 22
May 9 0 18 27 2 16 4/1   4 22
June 4 0 8 12 2 5 2   3 12
July 3 5 16 24 3 10 2   9 24
August 9 1 10 20 3 11 2   4 20
September 4 0 13 17 2 8 3 1 3 17
October 3 0 15 18 4 8 2 0 4 18
November 4 0 15 19 3 11 0 0 5 19
December 5 1 3 9 0 5 1 0 3 9
Total   10 157   27 118 19   63  

**Data as per Public Register for stray / Seized dogs 2015 will be updated on website on a quarterly basis.

Stray Dogs

Section 11 & Section 13, Control of Dogs Act 1986 All Stray Dogs are recorded in the public register of Stray Dogs as per Section 14 of Control of Dogs Act 1986.

Surrender Dogs

Section 12 Control of Dogs Act – Unwanted Dogs Details in relation to surrender dogs are not required to be maintained in the Public Register, only dogs that are considered strays. When a dog is surrendered to the pound the owner/ person acting on behalf of the owner must complete and sign a form.

Rehoming Policy

The rehoming policy is currently under review.

Existing Rehoming Policy is as follows:
All dogs rehomed from the pound are microchipped and their details registered on a national database. A collar disc is given to new owners which indicates that the dog has been microchipped. All rehomed dogs are given an initial vaccination, and treated for internal and external parasites (worms and fleas etc.). New owners are given a neutering voucher (as appropriate) which allows them to have their dog neutered at a discounted rate. A new owner must present a dog licence for the dog at the pound and sign a rehoming form. New owners are given a booklet on responsible dog ownership. A fee of €25 is payable for rehomed dogs

Home checks are carried out for the listed breeds of dogs as follows:
American Pit Bull Terrier
Bull Mastiff
Doberman Pinscher
English Bull Terrier
German Shepherd (Alsatian)
Japanese Akita
Japanese Tosa
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ban Dog
Cross-breeds of the above dogs.

WCC / ISPCA have a responsibility to accurately assess shelter dogs to protect the welfare of community and to ensure potentially dangerous dogs are not rehomed back to society.
The following dogs will not be offered for rehoming:

  • Dogs worrying livestock
  • Dogs reported to have bitten or attacked any person
  • Dogs showing signs of aggression / behavioural problems
  • On humane grounds on the advice of a veterinary surgeon.

Dog wardens in consultation with the staff at the shelter will make the assessment on the suitability of a dog for rehoming. The County Veterinary Officer is consulted as required. Dogs that are considered unsuitable for rehoming, will not be offered to any individual or group for rehoming or rehabilitation.

Photos of all dogs available for rehoming are taken by ISPCA staff and posted on ISPCA website. Any dog assessed and deemed to be unsuitable for rehoming will not be available for viewing in the rehoming section of the dog pound, including photos on websites

Dog Breeding Establishments

If you keep more than 6 female dogs you may need to register your premises with Wicklow County Council. An application form and Guidelines are attached.