Household Hazardous Waste Collections

Much of what we throw in our bins is actually hazardous waste. Please do not throw out any of the followingwastes and safely store them until the next hazardous waste collection.

Paints & Solvents, Batteries, Fluorescent Tubes, Fertilisers, Pesticides & Poisons, Waste Medicines, Adhesives, Inks & Resins, Caustic Soda & Waste Oils, Drain Cleaners, Cleaning Agents & Detergents, Photographic Chemicals, Oven Cleaners, Shoe Polishes.

Household batteries may also be left to any Wicklow County Council Recycling Centre.

Please Note: These collections are for householders only.

The collection carried out by a private contractor on behalf of Wicklow County Council under the Hazardous Waste Licensing Legislation. It is not always possible to predict the amount of hazardous waste materials which will be delivered to the collections. As materials must be kept separtely, stored and sealed in protective containers in the truck and because they are hazardous, there is a limit to the space available for each type of item.

Materials may not be left at the locations outside of collection times. Fines for littering will be issued.

Wicklow County Council Recycling Centres in Bray and Arklow take paint all the time durning normal opening times.

All Wicklow County Council Recycling Centres take Waste Oil, Batteries & Fluorescent Tubes all the time during normal opening times.