National Broadband Plan

Wicklow County Council is committed to, and supports the National Broadband Plan (NBP). The national broadband plan is a Government policy initiative that aims to bring high speed broadband to every premises in the state.  High speed broadband is defined in the plan as 30Mb/sec always-on broadband.  The plan relates to areas where state intervention is required to subsidise the delivery of service.

Over the next 12 months the Council will work with the NBP contractor to plan for the delivery of high speed broadband in County Wicklow. The website and map ( give full details of the initiative and offers advice about broadband availability to your premises.

The development of the High Speed Broadband Map followed a comprehensive analysis and mapping process of high speed broadband availability across the country. The High Speed Broadband Map identifies locations and premises as being either:

BLUE areas - where commercial operators are currently delivering or have previously indicated plans to deliver high speed broadband services or

AMBER areas - which are the target areas for the State Intervention of the National Broadband Plan.

​If you have queries in relation to your premises, please email us at quoting your Eircode.

To check broadband availability please follow these steps:

  1. Check if your premises is located in an amber or blue are by:
    • Entering your Eircode or address in the search box
    • Zooming in on the map
  2. If your premises is in a blue area
    • Run a line speed check (see
    • If your speed is below 30Mbps, check with all operators in your area
    • If you cannot get a high speed service contact including your Eircode, line speed and details of all operators contacted
    • The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment  will liaise with operators and monitor timeframe for delivery of high speed broadband to you premises.
  3. If your premises is in an amber area or speed is inadequate, the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment will:
    • Maintain contact with operators and update timeframe for high speed broadband to your premises.