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Wednesday 30 June 2021

3 CPOs of long term vacant houses confirmed.

The Chief Executive Mr Frank Curran has signed an order confirming (on 28th June 2021) the following Compulsory Purchase Orders on long term vacant houses in the county:


CPO No 4 of 2021 – 5 Ashwood, Roundwood.

CPO No 5 of 2021 – 10 Liam Mellows Avenue, Arklow.

CPO No 6 of 2021 – 33 Connolly Street, Arklow.


Newspaper ads to that effect will appear in next week’s papers.  The orders take effect 3 weeks after the date of those Public Notices. There is also an 8 week period to allow for an application to be made to the High Court for Judicial Review.