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Call for ideas to help develop Arklow as County Wicklow's pilot decarbonisation zone.

Friday 18 February 2022

Call for ideas to help develop Arklow as County Wicklow's pilot decarbonisation zone.

Ideas sought for projects that can help deliver decarbonisation in Arklow Town

Arklow Decarbonisation Zone. We Want Your Ideas.

Arklow has been selected as County Wicklow’s pilot decarbonisation zone to help us deliver projects that will reduce carbon emissions in the town.  The target is to reduce carbon emission by 7% annually, achieving a 50% reduction by 2030 and eventually a net zero economy by 2050. Wicklow County Council is working with consultants from RPS to develop a plan for the Arklow pilot decarbonisation zone. Current emissions from the town have been calculated and demonstrate that most emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases contributing to Climate Change come from residential housing, transport, commercial and industrial activity and waste.

Arklow is already leading on offshore wind power development.  Building a town that is fit for a zero carbon future offers further opportunity for the town. There is scope for development of new technologies, new economic development and job creation while also transitioning to a sustainable future. The vision for Arklow as decarbonisation pilot aims to see a dynamic revitalised town centre at the heart of the project along with ease of access to services throughout the town, delivering a better future for all in the community.

We want to hear from people in Arklow about the challenges they would like to see addressed and the opportunities or projects you believe we should explore in order to deliver a decarbonisation that works for all and delivers a strong future for the town. There is work to do on heating, retrofitting our homes, active travel, public transport, renewable energy, new technologies, industry, preventing waste and the circular economy, your town centre, working with biodiversity.  All ideas and suggestions, big or small are welcome. Help us to plan the future for Arklow.

If you have an idea or suggestion to share with us please contact us by email@

 Please submit by the 28th of February.